Payless Cleaners serving Hampton Roads public, US Military, & Virginia Beach Public schools for over 12 years! We offer our professional  services to you, your family, & team.  Specializing in Same Day "RUSH" Services. Check out our services tab!


We Are Responsible For...

  • Providing a great customer service experience!

  • Providing a safe, health conscious environment. We use all natural cleaning solutions on garments, FREE of Perchlroethylene and Flormaldayde.

  • Working our best to remove each stain from your garments.

  • Providing low rates!

  • Quality Hand-Pressed garments.

  • Returning ALL garments, that are retrieved.

  • Respecting your time, as we are here to serve you.

We Are NOT Responsible For...

  • Possessions left in garments and/or bags.

  • Aged material damages.

  • Dye-able materials.

  • Faulty garment tagging.

  • Stolen garments left outside for unattended deliveries.